Female Football

Darren Crocker

North Melbourne FC AFLW

Head Coach and

Footy Smarts Head Coach


Female Football Training Development

The Female Football Training Program (FFTP) is designed to teach the fundamentals of football to the players fast-tracking their skills, football knowledge, and injury prevention. The program caters to players of all abilities through specialised training sessions at the club by Footy Smarts coaches.

Club Training Session
The focus of the session may include;


  • Touch/Craft work Activities

  • Dynamic Warm up & Injury Prevention

  • Skill Acquisition

o Kicking
o Marking
o Handball
o Ground balls
o Body Position/Projection

  • Game Sense Training

o Chain of Possessions
o Transition Activities
o Accountability

  • Post Training Activities

 o Activities that players can do at home to improve

The actual composition of the FFTP is developed in consultation with the club ensuring that the unique requirements of the club is catered for your female players & coaches

Female Coaching Program

The Female Coaching Program is designed to upskill team coaches the most effective and efficient methods/drills of teaching the basic skills of football including kicking, marking, handball, bouncing and protecting the body.


The content of the program is established via consultation with the club to ensure it meets the specific requirements of the club. The experienced Footy Smarts coaches, led by Darren Crocker & Hamish McIntosh, the design the program and coordinate its delivery. The Club Coaches will have access to the FOOTY SMARTS training library of over 75 animated and videoed drills & skills for the season.

The FOOTY SMARTS coaches will provide the Club Coaches with ongoing mentoring throughout the season.

FOOTY SMARTS can return to the club during the season to support and mentor and the Club coaches at training.


Female Team Training

The elite FOOTY SMARTS coaches will come to the club and deliver one or more training sessions for any/all of the club teams.

The FOOTY SMARTS coaches will develop the training session in consultation with the team coach and club. The focus of the session could cover a wide range of areas such as remedial skill works, reinforce a style of play, or perhaps provide a ‘boost/support’ to a specific team.

The team training sessions can be linked to the Female Coaching Program, reinforcing the key elements of the program.