Player Development

 FOOTY SMARTS has a series of programs available to develop and support junior players.


School Holiday Camps

FOOTY SMARTS holiday camps provide players with a full day of fun footy in a safe and supportive environment. The program is designed by qualified coaches & teachers ensuring that a quality and engaging experience for the players.

The school holiday camps are run in consultation and association with a local junior club and can cater for all age groups and abilities.

Team Programs

The elite FOOTY SMARTS coaches will come to the club to deliver one or more tailored training sessions for the team.

FOOTY SMARTS coaches will develop the training session in consultation with the team coach and club. The focus of the session could cover a wide range of areas such as remedial skill works, reinforce a style of play, or perhaps to provide a ‘boost/support’ to a specific team.


Private Coaching Sessions

FOOTY SMARTS coaches can provide private coaching sessions to individual players outside of their normal training sessions.

The FOOTY SMARTS coach will consult directly with the parent/player to design the session to suit their requirements, such as improve kicking, ball handling, fitness, or a combination of all elements.